Print newspaper readers are increasingly moving to multichannel/multimedia consumption (see our eBook on Canadian consumer insights for details). In fact, digital print editions on desktop and tablet/mobile platforms are now at least as influential as conventional print.

Two Canadian newspaper brands — Toronto Star and La Presse – have elevated the digital newspaper experience to a new level. They’ve both created innovative digital editions for tablets to give readers new ways to experience content, and advertisers more dynamic and effective ways to reach them with highly relevant, targeted ads.

The integration of a tablet-based platform with print properties creates a 360-degree consumer touch point ecosystem. Case in point:

Introducing Star Touch and La Presse+.

If you think they’re just digital versions of their print newspapers, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

They represent a completely new way for traditional newspapers and magazines to use technology to convey the news and create interactive advertising experiences for today’s digitally savvy consumers.

Both platforms are built using Nuglif technology, a publishing platform that integrates the best features of magazines, newspapers, mobile apps, websites, and digital videos. More importantly, the technology enables new advertising experiences that cater to the real-life habits and expectations of consumers.

Open either of the digital editions and you’ll see right away just how innovative they are. Moreover, you’ll start to imagine different ways to leverage the platform to promote your brand.

The addition of a tablet-based news platform increases the number of engaged readers by attracting people who do not typically engage with print media (young digitally savvy readers). It also introduces targeted advertising opportunities with greater potential per-user revenue generation.

| La Presse+ marketing funnel |

La Presse+ reaches consumers at every point in the marketing funnel.

With Star Touch or La Presse+, you can reach consumers at various stages of the purchasing process through a single medium.

New Advertising Capabilities

The tablet platforms give advertisers access to 30 different types of ad interactivities.

See them in action:

Image/video animation capabilities

  • 360 degrees
  • accordion
  • animation
  • audio integration
  • carousel
  • cube
  • curtain
  • explorer
  • flip
  • gallery
  • gyroscope
  • map
  • panorama
  • papyrus
  • parallax
  • random
  • scratch
  • scrolling marquee
  • shaker
  • slider
  • touch and reveal
  • video
  • web

Contextual interactions

  • Geolocation
  • Real time
  • Weather

Interactive games

  • Drag and drop
  • Memory game
  • Puzzle
  • Quiz

With so many options there’s virtually no limit on the types of advertising experiences you can create. If you can imagine it, you can see it in action on the La Presse+ and Star Touch digital editions.

Check out these advertising samples to see the platform in action:

There’s no question that they look great, but how do you know whether your ads will deliver results?

On both platforms, advertisers receive a monthly performance report of the:

  • Total number of delivered impressions
  • Total number of interactions triggered
  • Total number of videos triggered
  • Total number of visits to advertisers’ websites
  • Performance versus other ads on the platform
  • Impressions delivered compared to impression guarantees (actual impressions are guaranteed to be at least 90% of the quoted figure)

How do you know the data is real?

Because La Presse+ ad impressions are independently certified. In fact, La Presse+ is the only tablet-based news platform with ad impressions certified by the Alliance for Audited Media.

Spotlight on Star Touch

The Toronto Star is the most widely read newspaper in the country, reaching more than 3 million people on a weekly basis. All newspaper content is available on the Star Touch digital edition, but the Star also produces tablet-exclusive content such as the new ‘Breathe’ section with weekly themes covering topics like food and fashion.

Key Facts/Features

  • Featured in Apple’s Best of 2015 (the year Star Touch was released)
  • Delivered every morning at 5:30 am
  • 100% free to use on both Apple and Android tablets
  • Special fashion features for readers familiar with The Kit magazine
  • Showcase on the latest corporate deals and intelligence
  • Car enthusiasts can get their fix from Wheels Friday
  • Real estate moguls can take stock of the most stunning homes in Property Saturday
  • Travellers can wade through the opportunities in Destinations Sunday
  • Exclusive video highlights for sports fans


  • Over 230,000 total downloads as of April 2016
  • Based on a pre-launch survey, the % of users ‘very likely to download’:
  • 69% are adults between 18-49
  • 42% have an annual household income over $100K
  • 58% are women
  • 43% represent households with children

Spotlight on La Presse+

La Presse is a French-language news medium of record in Canada. La Presse+ is completely free for readers, which helps drive its growing user base. In fact, La Presse has increased its total brand footprint by 37% in just the past two years (since La Presse+ was released in April 2013). In light of the success of La Presse+, La Presse decided to cease its weekly print edition in January 2016 after 131 years in existence.

Key Facts

  • Average reading time:
    • 40 minutes on weekdays
    • 60 minutes on Saturdays
    • 50 minutes on Sundays
  • Recipient of more than 30 awards in Canada and internationally
  • Overtook La Presse’s weekly print readership in just 2 years
  • Accounts for 75% of La Presse’s total ad revenue


The advertising profile of the platform is very attractive, with a large proportion of young-adult and high-income readers. And since 45% of Quebec households own at least one tablet, there’s a lot of room for readership growth.

  • Nearly 600,000 readers per week
  • 63% are adults between 25-54 (index 121)
  • 44% are university graduates (index 201)
  • 47% have an annual household income over $100,000 (index 271)

Advertisers on La Presse+ get additional exposure to readers on La Presse’s other platforms:

  • Website: 2.2 million unique views per month
  • 112,000 print circulation (only 8% of readers use both the tablet and print versions, so these are mostly unique views)
  • 400,000 monthly mobile app users
  • 405,000 Facebook fans
  • 536,000 Twitter followers

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