IPG Mediabrands recently released a new report on the brand perceptions of South Asian and Chinese Canadian consumers.

The main finding was this: Chinese and South Asian Canadians have very different brand relationships than the general Canadian population. In particular, they tend to be more brand-loyal — making purchasing decisions based on quality rather than price — and tend to view ads as important for keeping up with the latest product news. In other words, they tend to view advertisements more favorably than the general Canadian population.

The study also revealed that Chinese Canadians tend to prefer brands that use ethnic languages.

And finally, both Chinese and South Asian consumers spend more time online than the average Canadian, and are more likely to own smartphone/tablet devices.

This study is important for advertisers because South Asian and Chinese populations in Canada are on pace to grow by 80% and 130%, respectively, over the next 15 years.


Photo Credit: IPG Mediabrands

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