Technology-Driven Media Planning and Buying

Reach your target audience with unprecedented precision and effectiveness

Marketing communication is drastically changing.

Don’t get lost! Own the market!

Our sister company, ATC, is an international full-solution media company actively planning, activating, and buying media in Canada. For years, Media-Corps and ATC have been introducing Media Agencies and Brands to 40-million Canadians. Let us help you!

With our media expertise and proven Market Conduit Technology, we can turn your marketing investment into 10x the value. Think of us as your media conduit to the Canadian marketplace: we connect you to the best advertising opportunities through our unparalleled Canadian media expertise, extensive media partnerships, Canadian research tools and directories, and a data-driven process utilizing the latest marketing technology.

We offer a complete range of Canadian marketing solutions for international brands and media agencies. We can provide end-to-end media solutions or à-la-carte services, including:

  • Media Planning, Buying, Activation and Optimization: Market research, Audience identification, Channel selection
  • Creative Strategy: Copywriting/Editing/Translation, Design/Illustration, Printing/Production
  • Data Management, Media Analytics, and Reporting: Re-targeting, Online/offline attribution, ROI reporting

We Define

We define your market using the industry’s most advaced market research tools.

We Target

We target your audience with our proprietary data management platform and Market Conduit Technology.

We Engage

We engage your audience by executing multi-channel, multi-platform innovative and csutomized media campaigns. Digital and traditional offline media-we can measure it all and execute through all platforms with creative services as well.

We Measure

We measure your impact using our in-depth Multi Attribution Platform, analyze real-time data collected from your campaign and optimize it to achieve your marketing goals. We are focused on your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment). It’s all about the Results!

We Report

We put you in the driver seat and report your results on interactive dashboards featuring 100% transparency.

Let our knowledgeable team and proven technology work for you and your clients and start growing your business today!