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Media-Corps’ Expertise in Digital Desktop Advertising

Media-Corps’ expertise in digital desktop advertising is well established. We understand Canadian online media consumption habits, and our partners can get your message seen by the greatest number of Canadian Internet users.

Canadian Internet User Trends

Canadians love browsing the Internet. And who could blame them? The Internet is a fantastic way to learn more about a company’s products or services. Marketers are starting to realize the new reality: Content is King. The average Canadian spends almost 28 hours online across multiple devices and channels every week — even more than the average American!

Despite the multitude of new devices capable of browsing the Internet, desktop browsing still accounts for about 50% of the total time spent online in Canada.  Generation X Adults (aged 35 to 54) account for 44% of the Internet traffic in Canada, while Millennials (aged 18-34) are close behind at 40%.

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Canadians are Social Butterflies

While news and retail websites still generate lots of traffic, Canadians are spending increasing amounts of time on interactive online experiences: social media, video streaming platforms, and interactive gaming platforms. In fact, Canadians spend about a quarter of their time online on social media websites. Advertisers, take note; the key to capturing viewers’ attention is making advertisements that are meaningful to them, particularly to middle-aged adults and Millennials, who represent the bulk of Internet users in Canada.

Our Expertise

The digital advertising landscape is evolving. Canadians are now using mobile and tablet devices more frequently than desktop computers for browsing the Internet. Our experts at Media-Corps are constantly tracking digital media consumption habits to better understand how to capture the attention of Canadian smartphone users. We also have the experience to help you find the right customers through the right partners. We aren’t only consultants: we’re executors.

Canadian Mobile Advertising Trends

While the Canadian mobile ad market is relatively small, it is growing at a faster rate than all other mediums. In 2013, the amount spent on mobile advertising rose by a whopping 277%! Canadians are ‘simulmedia consumers’, which means that they tend to use multiple media channels at once. For example, Canadians often watch TV while surfing the Internet on a mobile or tablet device. As in most places, mobile phone ownership is constantly on the rise in Canada. More than half of Canadians are now on their second or third mobile device, while nearly 65% of the population currently owns a mobile device.

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How Canadians are using their mobile devices . . .

Canadians now spend slightly more time browsing the Internet on mobile phones or tablets than on desktop computers. Users are flocking to app versions of popular websites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Mobile/app traffic is also growing for other types of websites, including news, retail, and interactive gaming. Smartphones are beginning to dominate the gaming industry; an impressive 82% of app downloads in 2013 fell into the gaming category.

Our Expertise

At Media-Corps, we have a great deal of experience connecting our clients to Canadian media partners operating in the tablet media space. We understand how consumer media habits are changing, and recognize the advertising potential of new media devices such as tablets.

Canadian Tablet User Trends

Canadians tend to consume media from multiple channels at once. For instance, many Canadians regularly use a tablet to browse the Internet or use apps while watching TV or listening to the radio. In terms of tablet ownership, Canadians are on par with their American cousins. Thanks to a rapidly growing demand from the 35 to 55+ age groups, tablet penetration in Canada is now at 42%.

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How Canadians are using their tablet devices . . .

Canadians spend more time surfing the Internet on tablets or mobile phones than on desktop computers. Users are increasingly using the app versions of popular video streaming websites such as Youtube and Netflix. Overall, multimedia-based websites are seeing a huge uptick in mobile/tablet traffic. Tablets are increasingly popular for video and magazine consumption; the number of Canadians watching videos on tablets is growing faster than on any other medium. While only 3.5% of magazine readers are currently using a tablet, this number is expected to surpass desktop readership in the near future.

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