Advertising with ZoomerMedia in Canada

Creating Irresistible Content for Canada’s Largest Demographic

Advertising in ZoomerMedia’s Brands with Media-Corps

ZoomerMedia creates informative and entertaining content designed for readers over the age of 45 — the most affluent and populous demographic in the country. ZoomerMedia advertising opportunities are available on virtually all media platforms.

The company’s media platforms cover a wide range of topics – from beauty, health, and home, to technology, finances, and travel. It has created an integrated marketing solution designed to help advertisers reach consumers across ZoomerMedia’s platforms.

The platform also provides advertisers with customized content, packaging, and promotions, as well as audience insights and video/print production services.

As an established partner with ZoomerMedia, Media-Corps provides access to even more insights into ZoomerMedia’s target demographic (Canadians aged 45+). Partnering with Media-Corps for your next ZoomerMedia marketing campaign will ensure optimal design and implementation; we can help you leverage the best opportunities while avoiding some common pitfalls.

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