Yocto Media Group

Unparalleled Programmatic Advertising Technology

Yocto Media Group is a programmatic media trading company that creates tools to make the media buying process easier and more cost-effective. The company takes pride in its transparency: each customer is provided with detailed information on who they are targeting, exactly what it costs, the results of the campaign, and why the campaign worked.

The company takes intelligence from third-party platforms and ad exchanges, and merges it with its own data to provide the most in-depth multi-channel advertising services available. Yocto offers complete managed services, so you can focus on strategic priorities.

Media-Corps is a trusted partner of Yocto Media Group. We work with Yocto and your team to facilitate the information transfer process and effectively translate your company’s advertising goals and vision onto the Yocto programmatic managed services platform.

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Yocto Media Group’s Clients

Yocto Media has worked with several popular brands, such as BMW, Discount Car and Truck Rentals, and Kraft.