Yellow Pages is in the midst of a huge consumer-facing effort to promote its new mobile app, YP Dine. As part of this effort, the media company launched a new campaign targeting urban consumers across five major Canadian markets (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver).

The theme of the ad is bringing the heart, mind, and – most importantly –stomach together in absolute virtual harmony, and the purpose is to promote the new YP Dine App.

Check out the YP Dine ad here:

The spot is great, but what’s really interesting is the execution: Yellow Pages has decided to almost exclusively promote the ad on mobile video. They purchased $1 million worth of mobile media time to showcase three variations of the heart-mind-stomach video shown above (15, 30, and 45 second spots).

Yellow Pages activated the campaign using a combination of programmatic and targeted media buys on Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

This isn’t your grandfather’s Yellow Pages

This is just another example of how Yellow Pages is evolving beyond the traditional print Yellow Pages. They’re building a true multi-channel digital platform that connects consumers to local businesses.

This transition also presents marketers with an opportunity: a chance to place highly targeted ads on Yellow Pages apps and websites to reach consumers at the right place and time.

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