V Tele

The Network for Leading-Edge French-Language Entertainment

V Tele is a leading French-language TV network with several stations throughout Quebec. The network was previously known as TQS, until its parent company — Remstar — rebranded it as V in 2009. V’s media properties really cater to a youthful, gender-balanced crowd, with a focus on innovative comedic and music programs.

V’s primetime Quebec TV share is increasing; and of the 3 largest Quebec-based TV networks, its programs attract an audience with the highest concentration of viewers in the 18-49 and 25-52 age groups. The network has an overall weekly reach of 1.6 million viewers, and its audience continues to grow — in fact the network received 8% more views than last year.


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V Tele’s Famous Prime Time Shows

V Tele broadcasts many very popular prime time TV shows, including:


  • En Mode Salvail (Quebec’s #1 late-night show)
  • L’Arbitre
  • SQ
  • 911
  • Ma mère cuisine mieux que la tienne
  • Taxi payant (Cash Cab)
  • Rire et délire
  • Cinéma catastrophe
  • Personne d’intérêt (Person of Interest)
  • Mémoire sous enquête (Unforgettable)