Canadian TV Advertising - Most Important Advertising Platforms

Still One of the Most Important Platforms for Advertising in Canada

Media-Corps TV Advertising Expertise in Canada

Television is still an important source of entertainment in Canada and the U.S. However, consumers are no longer tied to their television sets; TV has transformed into an immersive video experience that can be enjoyed on televisions, phones, tablets, or computers. Because of this new ability to watch television anytime and on any screen, viewership is either growing or holding steady across all demographics.

Our Media-Corps experts not only have their fingers on the pulse of Canadian media consumers, but also extensive experience in helping our clients find the right TV audience through the right TV partners. We have helped brands develop advertisements for popular channels such as AUX, HIFI, T+E, VisionTV, the Smithsonian Channel, and Love Nature.

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Canadian TV Advertising: No Signs of Wavering

TV viewership remains strong; increasing numbers of companies are engaging with consumers through online video advertisements. We believe that TV is still one of the most effective ways to connect with consumers.

On average, Canadians watch 29.3 hours of TV per week, especially these genres: comedy, sports, reality TV, crime drama, and the news. The most popular shows in Canada are actually top-rated U.S. TV shows for which Canadian media companies have purchased the rights.

The Dual-Screen Phenomenon

While watching TV, Canadian media consumers are increasingly engaged with multiple devices: smart phones, tablets, or computers. People are moving away from passive TV-watching to active viewership. The smartest marketers are leveraging this trend to market their brands on multiple media channels simultaneously.

Our TV Partner Brands

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