Media Technology Monitor (MTM) recently published research that reiterated what we’ve heard over the past several years: Cable TV viewership is on the decline and non-traditional TV viewership is on the rise.

There is an emerging category of viewers who don’t have access to Cable TV and instead choose to watch TV on streaming websites and online platforms (like Netflix). MTM calls this category the ‘TV my Way’ group.

This group has grown from 12% of the population in Fall 2015 to 14% in Spring 2016 – impressive growth for a six-month period.

Nevertheless, 73% of English Canadians still have a traditional TV subscription of some sort, 35% have a Cable TV subscription, and 16% have a satellite TV subscription, which means that traditional TV advertising (especially on Specialty TV channels) can still be very effective.

(Click here for insights into French Cable TV viewership)

Another emerging viewing category is social TV: 11% of English Canadians report commenting on a TV program in real time via social media. Facebook remains the dominant platform for social TV viewers.


Advertisers have more options than ever (including programmatic TV, coming to Canada Fall 2016) to engage TV viewers. You can now complement your TV advertising efforts with a cross-channel campaign that leverages any combination of OOH, digital, social, and more. The trick is selecting the right channels for your brand.

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