While we’re excited to watch the big game, we’re also excited because the Super Bowl is one of the biggest marketing events of the year — and the biggest TV event of the year. In fact, Super Bowl 50 could be another record-breaker.

Last year, an average of 9.23 million Canadian viewers tuned in to the Super Bowl on Bell Media’s (one of our partners) CTV, TSN, and RDS TV stations. In total, 19.3 million people (55% of Canadians) tuned in for at least part of the game. That was a new record, beating 2014’s ratings by 16%.

To whet your appetite in the few days before the game, we wanted to show you some very interesting news/insights from our partners.

Eyereturn published an intriguing graphic displaying the regional differences in Super Bowl interest levels in Canada (see below). Vancouverites and Reginans are the most likely to tune in (58% more likely than the average Canadian). Interestingly, Calgarians are very likely to watch, but Edmontonians are only slightly (1%) more likely to tune in. Canadians living on the East coast will show relatively little interest, particularly in Charlottetown and Québec City (49% and 43%, respectively).

| Super Bowl Cross-Canada Sentiment |

Western Canadians are more likely to tune in to the Super Bowl

In other news, Bell Media simultaneously announced the 50 brands that will be featured in this weekend’s Super Bowl commercials, and that they will no longer (starting next year) be allowed to broadcast Canada-specific commercials — barring a successful appeal in court. Instead, both Canadians and Americans will see the same commercials, which is a good news for American advertisers who will get the benefit of Canadian exposure at no additional cost.

Here are the 50 brands that will be featured on Bell Media’s Super Bowl broadcast:

Labatt Breweries of Canada, Nissan Canada, Toyota Canada, Doritos Canada, Hyundai Canada, Nestlé Canada, Burger King, Mazda Canada, President’s Choice and President’s Choice Financial, Scotiabank, Sun Life Financial, Volkswagen Canada, BMO, Chartered Professional Accountants, GlaxoSmithKline, Mackenzie Investments, and Wealthsimple.