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The Most Undervalued Advertising Medium in Canada

Media-Corps Radio Advertising Expertise in Canada

Radio is the quietly confident medium that continues to reach a massive audience in Canada on a daily basis.

At Media-Corps, we understand Canadian radio consumers. We also have the right knowledge, partnerships, and experience to design and implement advertisements that will successfully engage radio listeners in Canada. We have helped clients create ads for the 94 stations linked by the Canadian Traffic Network, as well as Zoomer Radio stations.

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Radio Consumption Habits in Canada

Canadians are avid radio consumers, listening to an average of 17.75 hours of radio programming per week — far more than Americans.  But Canadians don’t just listen, they share emotional connections with their radio stations. Local Canadian radio stations tend to attract loyal followers who tune in on a daily basis.

More than half of all Canadian radio fans listen while in their cars. With nothing else to do while stuck in traffic, commuters are very engaged listeners who represent an excellent target audience for radio advertisements in Canada.

Our Radio Partner Brands

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