A brand new study from Vividata revealed the full-year (2015) readership data for 117 Canadian newspapers and magazines, based on surveys of 38,000 Canadians.

What’s the key finding?

In short, print readership numbers remain strong, but readers are increasingly turning to digital publications.

Newspapers and magazines continue to reach 90% of Canadians every week; however, 59% are choosing to read on digital devices instead of print copies. Mobile devices are dominating digital content consumption: 70% of all digital reading was done on a mobile device in 2015.

It’s no surprise then that Canada’s top publishers are investing heavily in digital media platforms. For example, our partner — the Toronto Star – launched the Star Touch app last year. It’s a huge success, reaching 1.6 million readers throughout the province of Ontario on an average weekday. That’s already more than the Star’s daily print readership of 1.1 million.

Another one of our partners, La Presse, has actually stopped printing its daily French-language newspaper. Instead, the company has put its energy behind the La Presse+ app, which receives 900,000 daily readers. La Presse still releases a print edition on the weekend, and there’s a good reason for that.

Read more about Star Touch and La Presse+ in our recent blog post.

While 35% of all weekday newspaper readers have completely shunned print newspapers, that percentage falls to 20% on the weekend, suggesting that many Canadians still appreciate reading the paper the old fashioned way on the weekend.

As for magazines, 50% of Canadians are reading on digital devices, but 70% are still reading print versions, which is the same proportion as five years ago. That means that, while digital readership is growing, Canadians aren’t showing signs of abandoning print anytime soon.

Interestingly, Millennials seem to prefer digital platforms for newspapers, but print copies for magazines: 

Millennial Readership Data

  • Weekday newspaper, only digital: 38%
  • Weekday newspaper, only print: 25%
  • Magazines, reach: 60%
  • Magazines, only digital: 16%
  • Magazines, only print: 37%

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