Pattison - Outdoor Advertising Leader in Canada

Delivering Canada’s Most Innovative Out-of-Home Advertising Opportunities

Pattison Outdoor’s Advertising Expertise in Canada

Pattison Outdoor Advertising has an unparalleled out-of-home advertising reach, with assets stretching across the entire country in all major metropolitan areas. The company’s network includes traditional outdoor advertising products, as well as digital and transit products. Pattison’s innovative digital properties let companies promote their products using interactive and dynamic displays.

Overall, Pattison owns outdoor products in 200 Canadian markets and represents 9 out of the top 10 transit markets in Canada. It is the country’s leading out-of-home advertising company, with the widest variety of out-of-home products in the most markets. The company has 25 offices throughout the country, each with specialized local market and consumer insights.

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Advertising in Pattison Outdoor’s properties with Media-Corps

Media-Corps can connect your brand to any of Pattison’s outdoor, digital, and transit properties across Canada. We will guide you through the complex out-of-home ad design process. This can include decisions about choosing types of ads (outdoor, indoor, transit, static, or digital), the location of the ads (city cores, suburbs, or rural areas), target markets, and the timing and strategy of running the ad campaign.

Pattison Outdoor’s Brands

Below is a list of some of Pattison’s out-of-home products.



  • Large Format
  • Posters
  • Street Furniture


  • Transit Station Stops (Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa)
  • Vehicle Exteriors
  • Vehicle Interiors


  • 46″ LCD Screens in Airports, Offices, Transit, Retail, and Residential areas
  • Large Format
  • Posters

Airports and Terminals

  • Airports (Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Halifax, and more)
  • Ferries and Terminals (BC Ferries, Halifax)


  • High-resolution LCD screens in 45 malls across Canada