Pattison Outdoor Advertising Partnership

We are proud to officially announce our latest media partnership with Pattison Outdoor – the leader of the Canadian out-of-home advertising industry. At Media-Corps, we are always striving to improve the quality of our services to our clients. Partnering with Pattison Outdoor is a major step toward giving our clients’ brands access to the best possible out-of-home advertising solutions for the Canadian media marketplace.

New Partnership with Pattison Outdoor

Pattison Outdoor owns Canada’s largest network of out-of-home advertising products, and therefore has significant influence over what products and brands Canadian consumers see everyday. That’s why we’re so excited to be able to offer Media-Corps clients exclusive access to direct-from-the-publisher pricing at Pattison.

Just how big is their network?

It’s huge – with advertising products in 200 different Canadian markets (including all major metropolitan areas) from coast to coast, Pattison’s reach is without precedent.

But its network is not just big, it’s also diversified: In addition to its outdoor products, Pattison owns transit and digital display advertising properties in Canada’s major markets. In fact, the company owns the display advertising rights for 9 of Canada’s top 10 transit markets.

And it’s no surprise that Pattison has grown to such an extent. They’ve been in the display advertising business since 1908, which is a testament to their innovative capacity and ability to wade through changing business realities. Pattison maintains its leadership through its 25 offices across the country, which each provide unparalleled levels of service and local market intelligence.

As proof of Pattison’s innovative capacity, they have developed the country’s leading digital advertising network, consisting of interactive kiosks and display ads that merge the out-of-home experience with the digital realm.

Pattison’s Advertising Products

| Pattison Digital Transit Network |

Digital ad on Pattison’s digital transit network

The company has a wide variety of advertising products available for use, including traditional outdoor options such as large format billboards or murals, posters, and street furniture; and digital products in airports, office buildings, transit properties, residential areas, and in malls.

Pattison’s transit network comprises ad products at stations and on/inside vehicles in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Toronto (among others).

| Mall Network Digital Ad |

Digital ad on Pattison’s mall network

Its mall network consists of traditional banners and posters, as well as dynamic high-res LCD screens that receive over 5 million consumer impressions every week.

Numerous options are also available within Pattison’s network of airports and terminals in major markets like BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Halifax.

Have an Out-of-Home Advertising Idea?

Contact us to explore how can we leverage our new partnership with Pattison to feature your brand in front of consumers in any major Canadian market.

To learn more about Pattison, visit their website or download a free Pattison Outdoor Media Kit, which contains detailed information on the company’s specific marketing opportunities and seasonal marketing promotions. 

And check out this video produced by Pattison Outdoor for an example of how they can execute completely customized real-time advertising campaigns to capture attention at just the right moment.