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Our Outdoor Advertising Expertise

Out-of-home, or ‘outdoor advertising’, is the oldest form of advertising. Despite the growth in popularity of digital platforms and advertising channels, the out-of-home advertising industry is actually growing. Much of this growth comes from the fact that the number of commuters, who drive and use public transportation, continues to grow. First impressions are important. At Media-Corps, our experts understand that a marketing strategy can still use out-of-home advertisement as a crucial component. We have helped several clients develop stunning outdoor advertisements through our growing list of media partners. Think that out-of-home advertising is the right choice for promoting your brand? We would happy to share our knowledge of the best practices in outdoor advertising.

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Canadian Out-of-Home Advertising Trends

The out-of-home advertising market in Canada continues to grow. In 2013, out-of-home advertising spending reached $604 million (4.2% of total ad revenues), compared to $490 million in 2009. Most of the outdoor ads in Canada were featured on transit vehicles and transit infrastructure (65,000+), indoor locations such as malls (33,800), and street furniture (22,600).  Most Canadians are responsive to outdoor advertisements, and find them to be at least somewhat pleasant (73%).  This is important for outbound marketing, which should aim to delight consumers rather than annoy them. Out-of-home advertising can help to create a strong connection between consumers and your brand. When used correctly, this powerful tool can strongly influence consumer behaviors. Outdoor ads can also be combined with digital platforms to create experiential marketing campaigns that build brand awareness using interactive touch screens or consumer-generated content.

Media-Corps Out-of-Home Partner Brands

Our out-of-home media partners are the who’s who in the Canadian OOH space. We cover all types of placements, including airport, transit, cinema, mall, taxi and so many more. We can also help conceive and plan innovative campaigns making use of cutting-edge digital technologies. Through our partnerships, we can put your ad in front of consumers where it counts. 

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