Newspaper Advertising in Canada

Where Canadians Go to Make Purchasing Decisions

Media-Corps’ Newspaper Advertising Expertise

The way that consumers get their news has been changing rapidly over the past several years. Canadian consumers have long been huge news junkies, getting their news in any form that is available. In fact, both print and web newspaper readerships are growing in Canada, while on the decline in the U.S.

At Media-Corps, we understand the Canadian media industry and consumer behaviors. Through our partnerships with Canada’s biggest newspaper companies, we can help you design and implement targeted advertisements for readers of popular Canadian papers like La Presse, Metro, The Kit, The Toronto Star, and the NY Times. We also have an exclusive partnership with Metroland, Ontario’s largest community newspaper publisher.


New Study: Community Newspaper Readership remains very strong. Download the free infographic to see the complete results.

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Canadian Newspaper Advertising Consumption Habits

Weekly print reach for daily newspapers in Canada is 73%, compared to 53% in the U.S. On average, Canadians read the newspaper for 3.15 hours per week. The daily newspaper circulation in the country is about 4 million paid newspapers and 1.3 million free newspapers.

Consumers often use newspapers to evaluate different options and make purchasing decisions. News articles, reviews, or advertisements published in newspapers help create a call to action to consumers interested in making a purchase. Most Canadian consumers trust ads in printed newspapers and on news websites. In fact, as many as 70% of Canadians have made a purchase in the last year as a direct result of a newspaper ad.

Our Newspaper Partner Brands

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