Media-Corps is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with TVA Group, Quebec’s leading TV network. It’s now easier than ever for U.S.-based brands and media agencies to directly access Quebec consumers.

This is an incredibly important step on our journey towards bringing the complete Canadian media marketplace to the United States. Why, you ask?

In our view, Québec is a widely unexplored opportunity and a largely untapped market for US-based companies, likely due to the obvious cultural and language barriers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sure, Québecers have unique consumption habits, but these can be leveraged with the right knowledge and connections. Media-Corps can make it easy for brands to tap the Québec market.

Why Quebec?

The population of Québec is significant: 8.2 million people live there (compared to 36 million in the rest of Canada). That’s a big chunk of Canada (about one-quarter) that you’ll miss if you only opt for English-language advertisements.

Here’s another reason to love Québec: (According to Numeris) French Quebecers spend a whopping 6 hours and 48 minutes more per week watching TV than English Canadians. In fact, their TV consumption levels are roughly on par with Americans. While Canada as a whole tends to increasingly prefer digital media outlets, Québec residents are avid consumers of home-grown television content.

TVA Group’s Value Proposition

Quebecers have their own unique culture, and their media consumption habits are very different than Anglophone Canadian habits. For one, Quebecers love Québec stars: an amazing 50% of the 20 top-selling albums in the province were recorded by Québec artists; but what’s even more astonishing is that all of the top 30 TV productions (by viewership) in the province were made in Québec.

You can start to see why having a Québec-based media partner on your side is so valuable.

Canadian TVA Programming

Overall, TVA reaches 93% of Francophone Quebecers every week (that’s about 6.7 million viewers)! No other network competes with the French Canadian reach of TVA, which commands one-third of the French Canadian 18+ TV market. In fact, TVA Group consistently outperforms the leading competitors in the province (CBC and V Télé) for all time slots and in every submarket in Québec.

Salut Bonjour

Meet the Salut Bonjour! team

TVA’s exclusive morning show Salut, Bonjour! program leads the morning lineup in the province, and the 10 p.m news segment closes out each day ahead of the pack, with a 23.5% audience share.

Here’s a rundown of TVA’s latest viewership stats:

  • Salut, bonjour! — 377,000 viewers
  • Le banquier — up to 2,000,000 viewers
  • Au secours de Béatrice — +1,000,000 viewers
  • Boomerang — +1,000,000 viewers
  • O’ — +1,000,000 viewers
  • Pour Sarah — +1,000,000 viewers
  • Yamaska — +1,000,000 viewers
  • 6 p.m. news — 774,000 viewers
  • 10 p.m. news — 411,000 viewers
  • TVA Group’s total audience share — 33.1%
| Le Banquier and Celine |

Celine Dion tries her luck on Le Banquier.

TVA Network Stations

The network operates 6 conventional TV stations and 10 specialty channels. Both types of channels are important drivers of revenue in the province.

Conventional TV networks are particularly relevant in Québec: Quebecers spend 45% of their TV time consuming conventional networks, compared to just 36% for Anglophone Canadians. So for TVA, conventional networks remain an important source of revenue growth and an attractive target for advertisers.

But specialty channels are a big focus for TVA too. TVA’s specialty channels have experienced massive growth recently, almost doubling in market share in the last five years. Nowadays, TVA Group’s specialty channels alone reach 70% of Quebecers every week.

See below for a full list of TVA’s channels.


  • CFTM-DT Montreal
  • CFCM-DT Quebec City
  • CFER-TV Rimouski
  • CHLT-DT Sherbrooke
  • CHEM-DT Trois-Rivières
  • CJPM-DT Saguenay

    addikTV logo

    addikTV is TVA’s leading drama TV station.


  • addikTV — film and television series
  • Argent — business and financial news
  • Canal Indigo — pay-per-view movie service
  • Le Canal Nouvelles — 24-hour news
  • CASA — home and real estate
  • MOI&cie — lifestyle and entertainment
  • Prise 2 — classic film and television series
  • TVA Sports

    TVA Sports crew

    Catch the latest sports action and news on the TVA Sports network.

  • Yoopa — children’s (pre-school) programs
  • Évasion — (TVA is a minor partner)

TVA also generates far more social media buzz than its competitors — with 45 million interactions in Fall 2014 across Facebook and Twitter, compared to just 1.2 million generated by Radio-Canada and 650,000 by V Télé.

Interested to explore a Great New Advertising Idea for the Quebec market?

Contact us to explore how can we leverage our new partnership with TVA Group and feature your brand on any of their leading TV stations.

To learn more about TVA Group, visit their website or download our free TVA Media Kit, which contains detailed information on the company’s exciting new marketing opportunities and seasonal marketing promotions.