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Planning and Buying Canadian Media – Media @ The Core

Media @ The Core is a media planning and buying organization with special expertise in helping US companies create advertising campaigns for Canadian consumers.

The company can do media planning and buying from any media company, without the need for third-party representation. Clients just have to name their advertising requirements, and Media @ The Core can deliver results.

Media @ The Core is also an established expert in programmatic media buying — it has even developed its own programmatic solutions. Essentially, the company helps its clients create tailored ads for a particular persona or situation. Media @ The Core makes sure that advertisements hit the right websites to target the right audience.

Media-Corps partners with Media @ The Core to manage digital marketing campaigns end-to-end when we need to go through a media channel that is not represented by our partners. Our partnership with Media @ The Core allows us to buy ad space on any media channel or brand without existing media company partnerships.

Have an idea for a new advertising campaign? Contact us today to get started and learn how we can help you connect with the right media partners for your target audience.

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