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Our Magazine Advertising Expertise in Canada

A magazine reader is an active reader, deeply engaged in the content and in complete control of the means of consumption. Because of this intimacy, readers tend to build up trust in their favorite Canadian magazine brands. Moreover, magazine advertisements, followed by web ads, are the most action-oriented of all ad types.

At Media-Corps, we have an in-depth understanding of Canadian magazine readers. We can help your brand leverage our partnerships with Canada’s largest magazine companies to create and manage targeted advertisements for magazine readers. Our partners’ magazine brands include Canadian Living, Reader’s Digest, Vancouver Magazine, Western Living Magazine, and many more.

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Magazine Consumption Habits in Canada

On average, Canadians spend just under 40 minutes per week reading magazines.  Most Canadian magazine readers consume about 90% of the pages within a given magazine, because magazines tend to be picked up by readers more than once during a single day and several times over weeks and months. The average page in a magazine is viewed 2.5 times by each reader.

The intimacy created between the reader and the magazine benefits advertisers greatly. With the right choice of magazine, advertisers can absorb some of the magazine’s positive brand values to improve the delivery of their advertisement.

Best Magazines to Advertise in Canada

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