Have you heard of programmatic direct?

It’s a form of automated digital advertising designed to give marketers the capability to target consumers at precisely the right time and in the right context.

The use of programmatic direct is growing fast: In the United States already half of all digital ads are executed programmatically. It’s growing in Canada too. In fact – as a clear sign of the industry’s strength – Google just released its Canadian Buyer’s Guide to Programmatic Direct.

How big is programmatic? Globally, programmatic direct is already a $15 billion market.

How does it work?

Through programmatic direct, marketers can buy ad inventory directly from publishers using an exchange called a demand-side platform (DSP) (like the one operated by our programmatic partner, Eyereturn). Publishers sell their inventory at private auction, or by using preferred/guaranteed deals.

How can you get started with programmatic in Canada?

We can help you with that. We have direct access to Eyereturn’s DSP, which means that we can find the best opportunities for your brand based on your unique campaign requirements. We’ll find the optimal media type, the best deal, and complete the media buy for you. It’s that easy.

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Cut out the middle man with programmatic direct.

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