At a recent showcase hosted by Quebecor, the media company (a Media-Corps partner) revealed that TVA (Quebecor’s TV network) and its Specialty TV channels are reaching 99% of Quebec’s population. What’s more, 91% of the network’s viewership tunes in live. So while the company is expanding its efforts across all platforms, including digital, broadcast TV (particularly Specialty/Cable TV) remains a significant driver of growth.

The company plans to continue growing with the addition of several new shows like La Voix Junior, L’Echappee, L’imposteur, La Releve (a cooking competition for kids), and a dubbed version of Limitless; along with the return of old favorites like Le Banquier, Boomerang, O’, Au Secours de Beatrice, and Salut Bonjour, which saw an impressive 11% increase in viewership this season.

Other new shows on TVA’s Specialty/Cable TV channels include:

  • Premonition — a thriller based in Quebec.
  • Robot 
  • Blindspot
  • Chicago Fire
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Change de vie
  • Mitsou and Leia
  • Shades of Blue
  • La Seine
  • Wonder Woman
  • Prise 2
  • Les Boys
  • 11/22/63, a new miniseries from Hulu
  • Hakim Chajar

This is just more evidence of the strength of the Specialty/Cable TV industry in Canada. Whether you’re an advertiser for a large brand or a media agency, it’s an exciting time to get involved in Specialty/Cable TV.

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