A new study produced by the Zeno Group (as part of The Human Project), revealed 7 common behaviors and attitudes among members of ‘Generation We’ (ages 14-20) and ‘Generation Z’ (ages 21-25). According to the study, members of Gen We/Z are not merely younger versions of millennials (Generation Y); in fact, they are more socially responsible and self-aware than all generations before them.

The study collected data from 3,600 youth and 1,500 parents in Canada, the US, China, India, Australia, and the UK. We’ve summarized the key findings here:

  1. Gen We/Z members have powerful influence over family purchasing decisions: 78% of parents polled plan major purchasing decisions around their kids, and feel that their kids are more involved in decisions than they themselves were as youth.
  2. Collaboration is more important than leadership: they value equality over traditional, top-down leadership – out of 92 values, equality was ranked number 2 while leadership was ranked very low at 65.
  3. Values are more important than shared interests: friendships are based on beliefs, morals, and ethics, rather than shared interests.
  4. Onequarter consciously ‘unplug’ to maintain physical health: while this generation is often thought to be constantly ‘plugged in’ to technology, many are actually quite balanced and health-conscious.
  5. Gen We/Z is the most health-aware generation: more than 70% of Gen We/Z youth read food nutrition labels. Health was ranked high on the list of values – number 1 in China and number 24 in Canada.
  6. Happiness is defined by balance: This generation views happiness as equal parts balance, success, and purpose; although the number 1 ranking value in Canada, the US, the UK, India, and Australia is still success.
  7. Global youth view brands as vehicles to enhance their own personal brands: rather than ‘joining’ brands like millennials, Gen We/Z tend to ‘curate’ brands to build their own brand.

This study suggests two important factors in reaching members of Gen We/Z:

  • First, marketers should give youth a chance to be brand advocates by engaging them via social media and related channels. Make interactive campaigns that can boost their status as well as your brand’s.
  • Second, be kind and considerate to them. Your brand should reflect the importance of community and shared values rather than individuality.

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