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The latest big insights come from a new report produced by eMarketer (Canada Trends 2016: Marketer Mastery of Tech and the Consumer Tastes that Make it Necessary), which lays out the top marketer and consumer trends affecting how media buyers and brands will reach consumers in 2016 and beyond.

We’ve summarized the key findings of the report here:

Top Marketer Trends

  • The Internet of things (IoT): In 2013 there were 28 million connected ‘things’; By 2018 there will be 114 million IoT connections worth more than $7 billion. These will give marketers access to data that they can use to reach consumers more effectively.
  • Virtual Reality: VR and 360-degree video should become mainstream in 2016, giving marketers access to a more immersive consumer experience.
  • Digital Out-Of-Home: Enhanced LED & video displays and real-time connections to mobile devices will help this sub-sector grow from 10.9% of OOH spend to 19.2% in 2019.

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  • Beacon testing: Already 29% of all stores worldwide use this technology (and 17% have plans to do so) to send deals in ads directly to consumers smartphones.
  • Programmatic: Automated digital advertising will continue to grow in 2016 up to 58% of all digital display ad spending, and is poised to reach 66% in 2017.

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  • Email marketing: The slowdown in 2015 caused by anti-spam legislation will not affect long-term growth of direct digital advertising, as marketers adjust to the new regulations and intensify their efforts.

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Top Consumer Trends

  • Cord-cutting: Cost-conscious millennials will continue to opt for cheaper streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, and Shomi. Already one-third of Canadians (Aged 16+) use streaming services every day and 32% are Netflix subscribers.
  • Mobile device usage: eMarketer projects that the time spent on mobile devices will exceed 25% of total media consumption time in 2016; 2015 was the first year in which there were more searches on mobile than on desktop.

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  • Wearables: The technology will be mainstream within the next fives years, with marketers working to find non-intrusive ways of connecting with consumers through apps on wearable devices.

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