Canadians. They’re a funny bunch, eh? Living far up north surrounded by snow, moose and trees. Or at least that’s how many Americans view their northern neighbors. In fact, there are a multitude of misunderstandings about Canadians and their way of life, and at Media-Corps, we see it as a missed opportunity for many U.S companies. They could be advertising in Canada and reaping the rewards of one of the most educated, affluent and ready-to-buy populations on the planet, right next door to us.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Canadians and Americans have far more in common, the nuances easily navigated. All you need is a little insider knowledge and expertise.

After years of helping American brands launch successful campaigns in Canada, we thought we’d have a little fun by reaching out to the two top funny men in Canada — CBC’s Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring, founders of — to create a short video about a fake U.S. agency trying to “rebrand” Canada – to help it be recognized as “The greatest country on earth”. In other words…Americanize it.

Who doesn’t like a laugh at different cultures crossing their wires? But the real reason we did this was to make the point that for a brand to be successful beyond its own borders, it’s critical to understand the different demographics and their behaviors. Don’t miss the mark. We hate to see good advertising dollars go down the drain.

To advertise in Canada pass on by the “Juized” guys, and talk with us. Because with over 10 years of experience placing hundreds of brands like Crate and Barrel, Porsche and Facebook, we really do get Canada.