Advertising with Cineplex Media in Canada

Cinema Advertisements and So Much More

Cineplex Inc. is best known as a cinema company, owning 93% of all box offices across Canada. The company hosts video advertisements that are displayed before movie previews. Cineplex has also recently released the TimePlay app, which lets moviegoers play interactive games on their smartphones before the movie starts; since many games have a brand association, this is certainly a unique advertising avenue.

Cineplex also reaches a large audience through its mobile app (10 million downloads), website (1.9 million unique viewers per month), and magazine (circulation of 750,000 copies per month).

But that’s not all. Cineplex-owned Oxford Malls serves over 100 million shoppers every year, and features numerous digital screens throughout its malls.

Cineplex also owns the content on the ONroute network of rest stops on Highways 400 and 401, which receive over 32 million travellers each year.

Finally, Cineplex Media has recently added Tims TV, which displays ads in 2,294 Tim Hortons restaurants across the country.

Media-Corps has a history of working with Cineplex to develop exciting ad campaigns. Whether your company wants to develop video ads for moviegoers, out-of-home display ads for movie theatres or malls, or video ads for rest stops and Tim Hortons coffee shops, we can help.

Contact us today to learn how we can connect your company to Cineplex and its captive audience.