Cineplex sees the big picture


Movies and gaming and dining, oh my! How the once-traditional theatre chain diversified its business to become a full-fledged media entertainment brand.

Cineplex has made this illustrious list for several reasons:

  • That they keep evolving their venues to make the user experience even more special with things like gourmet in-theatre dining and the creation of whole entertainment complexes with the likes of bowling, ping-pong, billiards and concerts.
  • Their healthy balance sheet – recording $1.4 billion in total revenue for 2015, up 11% from the previous year.
  • Their dominance of the movie theatre business at 80% share of market.
  • Their strong move into the gaming market, with the purchase of the remaining 50% of Cineplex Starburst; their recent stake in the eSports market by purchasing 80% of the U.S. based World Gaming Network (WGN) last year; partnering with Sony to launch the Cineplex WorldGaming Canadian Tournament.
  • Their approach to diversity – building capacity in cinema’s off-peak hours with programs catered to seniors to those with disabilities.
  • Innovative promotional/advertising developments like Timeplay, an in-theatre pre-show app that turns a person’s mobile phone into a remote control to engage with content on the screen. Brands like Mazda, Koodo and Pizza Pizza have worked with Cineplex to create gaming content.
  • Their recent rebranding with Zulu Alpha Kilo that created this spot, that ran in theaters last Christmas and has garnered 10 million YouTube views

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