A new report from think with Google unveiled the online habits of Canadian travellers. In particular, the report – using data compiled from Google search results — found four distinct real-time, intent-driven moments when Canadians turn to the Internet to make travel decisions.

Understanding these moments is crucial if you want to influence consumer travel decisions.

The report breaks the purchasing process into four discrete steps (four moments):

  1. Dreaming

Every vacation begins with a dream. Canadians love to daydream about travelling and spend an average of 43 minutes on travel sites every month. In total, 69% of Canadians visit a travel website at least once a month (and more than half are using mobile devices to do so).

This stage is all about inspiring potential travellers. Advertisements that touch on known travel motivators are important for capturing the attention of consumers in the dreaming stage.

  1. Planning

It’s no secret that travellers are increasingly turning to the Internet to plan their trips. In Canada, 88% of travellers researched their last trip on online.

The planning phase is an opportunity to offer new travel ideas and influence decision-making using ads that target trip planners.

  1. Booking

The overall planning phase lasts an average of 30 days, but within this phase travellers typically spend six days on the booking process.

To capitalize on this stage, brands need to build awareness in the dreaming and planning stages. Using fun and playful imagery is one way that brands have succeeded in enhancing interest.

  1. Experiencing

The online experience doesn’t end when trips are booked: 27% of leisure travellers use their mobile devices to gather new information while they’re travelling. For example, Canadians are frequent users of Google search when choosing travel activities.

Search or Gmail ads are one way that brands have succeeded in reaching Canadians in the right place at the right time.

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