boxing day

Boxing Day originated as the day that servants and tradesmen would traditionally receive a ‘Christmas Box’ from their employer in the Commonwealth nations. Given that these employees were expected to wait on their masters on Christmas Day, they would receive a ‘box’ of presents and sometimes a Christmas bonus or even leftovers to celebrate their Christmas the day after. Over time it transitioned to the day to get the best deals of the year, as retailers dropped their prices to get rid of merchandise after the holiday. Today it has morphed again into ‘boxing week’ in Canada to extend the shopping window, again much like Black Friday has.

Many Canadian kids get some money at Christmas to ‘shop the deals’ and get what they want after the 25th.

So what deals should you promote? Special sections, rates, flyers, interstitials, announce-overs & more abound with our Canadian media partners to help you promote your wares.