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Boxing Day

Boxing Day originated as the day that servants and tradesmen would traditionally receive a ‘Christmas Box’ from their employer in the Commonwealth nations. Given that these employees were expected to wait on their masters on Christmas Day, they would receive a ‘box’... read more

Creativity with Quebecor

Coup de Pouce, a leading French language magazine with over 1.4 million multi-platform readers, has just published a very distinctive ‘All White’ front cover in partnership with the Milk Producers of Quebec. And it doesn’t stop at the cover, the whole... read more

Investing in Canada

As you know, most of Canada is pretty cold in the winter months (with the exception of parts of British Columbia, that usually experience much more temperate and rainy weather). So it should come as no surprise that media consumption shoots through the roof. We are... read more

Toronto Star Offer

Buy just 3 ads and get the 4th one free, from now until the middle of February – a 25% discount! Our Christmas present to you. (Boxing Day is excluded from this offer. Due to how hugely popular it is. You should be there,... read more
Logic will take you from A. to B.

Logic will take you from A. to B.

The City of Montreal recently deployed a campaign with Quebecor for its civic and cleanliness campaign. This partnership brought the common problems of city living to life in a way that couldn’t be forgotten. Cigarette butts, graffiti, public trash cans, dog feces... read more