At Bell Media’s recent upfront event, the company announced 2 new digital video advertising products, among other business updates.

One of the new products is dynamic ad insertion for video on-demand (VOD). This means that Bell can now swap ads that would otherwise be tied to a particular show. With dynamic ad insertion, Bell can leverage strategic audience targeting techniques and display different ads to different households based on their viewing habits.

With dynamic ad insertion, advertisers can expect a better ROI and greater brand/product recall from advertisements on VOD.

Advertisers can also use dynamic ad insertion to showcase time-sensitive advertisements, which can be updated once they’re no longer relevant.

The second product announcement is a new short-from video product called Snackable TV, which is set to roll out in the coming months (more information to come). For now, here’s what we do know: Snackable TV will be an ad-funded, short-form platform for videos that are between 30 and 90 seconds long.

We also know that Bell has already made deals for this video content to appear in Canadian airports. And they already have video content lined up for the launch, including satirical news clips from The Beaverton (a Canadian satirical website akin to The Onion) and an original series called Ryan’s Side.

Bell is sharpening its focus on digital video, and is looking to foster new partnerships in addition to the recently announced programmatic linear and digital video partnership with Videology. They’re also improving services for media planners and buyers by adding tools for using return path data, brand-based data and response campaigns, and online advertising synchronization.

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