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We provide preeminent advertising environments
that engage your prime consumers
wherever they reside, whatever they are doing.

We exclusively represent many of Canada’s highly regarded media brands across pretty well every communication channel – digital, including video, websites, tablets and mobile; television; radio; cinema; out-of-home, newspaper and magazine. Of course these various properties can be purchased separately or we can provide a 360° solution, leveraging the most relevant channels to deliver your business objectives. We can also facilitate other complementary channel solutions in paid or non-paid environments in the public relations space, search, promotional marketing, events, or in-store campaigns.

We would like to be your first call when planning or buying the Canadian market due to the breadth of our properties and because ‘We know Canada, cold.’ We have knowledgeable Canadian-born sales experts on staff, including the owner/founder – Robert Laplante.

Just ask us, we will find you the right solution.

We also exclusively represent Premium Digital Advertising Solutions in the US. And we can also help you plan and/or buy media activations anywhere around the world. Or simply do it for you completely.

We’re here to find solutions to your marketing challenges. To help build businesses and create opportunities. We are ready to help grow sales and revenue for you and your clients, whatever it takes, wherever the opportunity lies.


The commitment to ensuring you have fabulous talent is
the competitive advantage of a media sales organization and founder robert laplante has gone out of his way to recruit and retain the best.




Robert founded Media-Corps in 2007, as a U.S. solution to improve the advertising sales performance of The Globe and Mail south of the border.

And that he did; so much so that Media-Corps turned into a dual-client sales organization only a year later with the addition of La Presse/Gesca, the highly respected media division of Power Corp. In 2010, Canada’s largest magazine publisher and major digital aggregator, Transcontinental Media (now known as TC Media), was added. From there, the web portal Sympatico, of Canada’s media power-house Bell Media, came on board, and then their video division. The fast paced growth of Media-Corps showed that the US advertising market needed a new alternative to service American ad buyers and marketers.

Media and entrepreneurship have been in Robert’s blood since he was a child. He got his first taste of both with his Montreal Gazette newspaper route, in Beaconsfield, Quebec. After graduating from Western Canada’s Simon Fraser University, Robert joined the Globe and spent the first 12 years of his career learning the ropes of the media industry through various progressive sales positions. His expanding responsibilities took him from managing territories in Toronto, Montreal, Europe and then finally to the States with the opening of Media-Corps.

Robert is a student of the media world and is a huge believer in orchestrating successful media campaigns by using as many channel touch points as affordable to break through the to the time stretched consumer. He’s also a huge believer in keeping people happy – his clients in the media agencies and marketing companies, the media content providers themselves and his staff. He’s a guy that makes things happen. If you have a problem or an opportunity, he’ll find a great solution and that’s the kind of spirit he’s infiltrated throughout the organization, across five offices in the U.S. Although the office location is almost irrelevant, as they connect virtually and travel frequently to effectively service their clients.

Robert spends much of his time servicing clients across North America, most often between offices in New York and California and can be reached at 212-756-1239 or rlaplante@media-corps.com



Abby Vaughn

National Sales Director, Chicago, Luxury Category Expert

Abby Vaughn is Robert’s right arm and now leads the sales team from Chicago, after many years doing so in NYC. Abby was the first employee hired at Media-Corps and has sales experience from a M-C competitor as well as extensive client side marketing experience.



Michelle Gross

Media CONSULTANT | VP Business Development and Solutions, San Diego

Michelle is a woman who makes things happen, and comes to the Media-Corps team with a passionate, entrepreneurial background and extensive corporate media experience. Her role at M-C is to find new business opportunities and help clients and the team create strategic business solutions that build business.

Michelle gained a deep understanding of sales and marketing, and U.S. marketer’s needs, through managing the North American sales division of the Toronto based Globe and Mail. She then went into business for herself and created and managed major loyalty programs for the likes of Canadian Living, The Globe and Mail and AOL.

Michelle’s passion for business extends to the road when she takes some time for herself, now logging about 50 miles a week with her beloved dog Boone, in San Diego. Recently relocating from Toronto where she ran the equivalent of about 75 kilometres.



Seema Whig

Media Solutions Director, New York

Seema joins Media-Corps with over eight years of media agency and selling experience. She is going to help us drive deeper integrated media solutions, given her broad English and French sales and multi-media planning background. When not developing insights to build business in the Canadian market, Seema can be found travelling the globe from Scotland to Japan typically in pursuit of a quality glass of whiskey.



Candy Higgins

Senior Account Manager, New York

Candy brings a deep understanding of the Canadian Market, having recent client and media sales experience. A top performer at NOW, Higgins’ focus was creating integrated, innovative campaigns for global brands and entertainment clients, including the Toronto International Film Festival.




management consultant, canadian media, New York

Randy has worked with many of Canada’s top clients on the media agency side over the past ten years in both Toronto and Montreal. His proficiency with all media, coupled with a passion for digital trends has enabled Randy to be invaluable in helping clients build innovative multimedia solutions that are equally engaging to consumers both online and offline. Randy career has risen, in part due to his great foundation – a Marketing degree from Concordia, followed by an MBA from Western University.

And Randy certainly enjoys the great outdoors as he can, he’s an avid rock climber, scuba diver and skier. He also claims to make the best fall-off-the-bone ribs. (Perhaps you will see his handsome mug in an upcoming issue of Canadian Living!)




management consultant, canadian media, New York

Erin has joined Media-Corps in NYC with a background as a strategic multi-media practitioner, with over ten years experience in radio, digital and print. In Erin’s most recent position she was responsible for the sales and marketing of 400 radio stations across Canada. She has a special passion for cross-functional collaboration, and would welcome ideating opportunities for your business.

Not only is Erin Canadian, fireworks go off across the country in honour of her birthday, given she shares her birth date with the country – July 1st. Erin was fortunate enough to be raised in Canadian cottage country and hails from Bobcageon, Ontario, where she developed an early love of skiing and golfing. She loves to bake and imbibe in the odd mimosa or two when she can.



Lesley Hayes

Senior Account Manager, Arizona, Travel Expert

Lesley Hayes is an Arizona-based, transplanted Canadian, who was Media-Corps second employee. She has a rather ideal background in that she’s previously worked within the Canadian media industry as well as with a M-C competitor. Lesley is the M-C travel expert and also has a niche looking after the sunshine states.



Vanessa Quintana

Media Coordinator, New York

Vanessa’s Communication BA and corporate communication background can be put to good use by helping Media-Corps clients extend their communication needs into the earned media space. She also understands the ins and outs of video and radio production, which will be helpful for our increased broadcast client base.

When not working, Vanessa loves to travel as much as she can, especially where she can put her fluent Spanish to good use, and order vegetarian.




Media Coordinator, San Diego

Heike is one of the people keeping all things running smoothly in San Diego. After receiving her Marketing Degree from Colorado State, Heike spent several years honing her event management and organizational skills while managing complex calendars and thousands of files.

A very special soul, Heike has managed to devote years of service as a breast cancer volunteer while working so diligently on developing her communications career. Heike lives by the adage from E.E. Cummings…The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.




Marketing Coordinator, Toronto

Andrea is making sure the Media-Corps clients in the States are aware of marketing opportunities in Canada through relevant pro-active communication and social media. Andrea developed a love of the communications business prior to graduating from Western and enjoys making sure the most relevant message is going to the right prospect.

When not working, Andrea enjoys the arts and entertainment scene in Toronto or any city she gets the privilege of traveling to. A devout vegetarian, she also loves to cook, preferably with a glass of red wine in hand.



Libby Laplante

Vice President

There isn’t much that Libby isn’t involved with at Media-Corps, from managing revenue and outgoing costs, digital sales, general oversight and ensuring all administrative and human resource functions run impeccably. Not to mention being a treasured resource for guidance to the boss.

Ideation / Innovation


We represent channel solutions that fuel business growth and the possibilities for strategically relevant solutions are endless.

We are fortunate enough to represent some of the most cutting edge media brands in the world. Canada’s largest French language daily, La Presse, is leading the newspapers of the world with it’s investment of a fully interactive IPAD edition that has had the benefit of a forty million dollar, three year investment. Their research and development commitment to effectively integrate layers of engaging content seamlessly with advertising has truly been astounding.


Give us your brief, provide us with your challenges, and we will come back with innovative solutions to achieve those goals. We will work directly with the offline and online publishers & broadcasters’ innovation specialists to create these solutions. Through this process we also tap into their research experts and our own to uncover the required strategic insight to ensure the ideas are strongly linked to the communication objectives.


We understand the challenge of breaking through to the oversaturated consumer and would be pleased to find solutions beyond the page, beyond the :30s. Ideas that build upon multiple touch points.

Some examples of the kind of thinking that comes from this process are:

  • advertising units that have never been used before
  • leveraging your campaign into a unique promotional event
  • extending your message beyond a standard unit
  • creative new ways to take over a site that are strategically connected to your message
  • creating dynamic interactivity in digital environments from a static message
  • creating mobile content from existing creative

Consumer Insight


In addition to the research specialists available to you at the source of the media partner, we have our own expert researcher who can get you the information you need – or the information that you didn’t know you needed. As part of our research accountability, we provide in-depth, consumer focused category overviews to help us both better understand where opportunities may exist.


In our section you will find current, valuable research documents and articles that will help keep you up to speed on anything from the media habits of America’s most affluent to why Moms trust magazines. We can also provide product usage and target information from The Print Measurement Bureau (PMB), qualitative digital and video usage and measurement through Comscore and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), targeted readership information from PMB and Nadbank. You name it and we can provide you the accountability you deserve for your advertising and communication dollars.



Not as in war. That wouldn’t be much of a contest. As in, what are the differences between these two vast countries? Media habits would certainly be one of them. What are the important comparisons? And lastly, what do we just find downright amusing about the people, the land or the psyche? Although there are a lot of subtle differences, at the end of the day, it has been said that Canadians are simply disarmed Americans with health care.



The 10% rule still works.
(Although technically 11%)







Canadian Versus
American English

‘Canadian English is a hodgepodge hybrid that operates to its own eclectic rules, and Canadians just sort of make it up as they go along’ from (the extremely hilarious) book ‘How to be a Canadian’, written by Will Ferguson and Ian Ferguson. But seriously, when it comes to marketing and advertising you need to try to avoid making a colorful spelling mistake with your marvelous northern neighbors, especially fiber eating brunets, wearing jewelry. Eh? What you meant to say was colourful, marvellous, neighbours, fibre, brunettes, jewellery

Canadians like


Americans like Americans

‘You like me, right now, you like me!’

Sally Field’s infamous Oscar acceptance speech

cheque/ colour/ favour/flavour/

check/ color/ favor/flavor/

It appears the digital trailblazers were trying to make a compromise between the American usage of er and
the Canadian usage of re and simply dropped the e altogether.

How else can you explain
….Tumblr, Newsflashr, Bashr, Dopplr, Migratr, Waggr, Flickr
(and hundreds more)?

Canadian’s also like to make the words longer and fancier to try and look more sophisticated than the Americans.



And on top of these differences, let’s not forget that close to a quarter of the population identify with French being their first official language.


Other interesting distinctions…

The Bill




Processed cheese

The check




American cheese

Serviette (yes, really)




Zed (Z)




Bathroom /Restroom

Zee (Z)











Strong Canadian E-Commerce
growth has been evident
on a less developed base


And American Retailers
continue to expand
north of the border



One draw for retailers targeting affluent shoppers is that Canadian shoppers didn’t feel the sting of the recession as sharply as their U.S. neighbors did. “Canada is not like the U.S.—it’s quite different,” he added. “Anybody that thinks they can come into Canada and treat it like the U.S. is really misguided.” said Mike Moriarty, of A.T. Kearney, from the article ‘From Oh, Canada to ‘O Canada!’: Retail’s Growth Anthem.

‘Let us help you mine the Canadian market and grow your business.’
Robert Laplante

Connecting to content that grows business


“Created by Pollin8 with design by Battle for Kettle”

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Miley Cyrus illustration, Chris (Simpsons artist) http://www.picturesthatigoneanddone.com/

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