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MEDIA-CORPS’ CANADIAN MEDIA MARKETPLACE is the best way for U.S. Marketers and Agencies to directly access Canadian media inventory. Our Marketplace gives you direct-to-source access to the following media channels:

Canadian Media Marketplace

Media-Corps' Canadian Media Marketplace covers all media channels.

Our Canadian media representatives and specialists open the door to the Canadian advertising ecosystem. They can help you plan and build Canadian ad campaigns that not only stand out, but outperform the competition. Because of our exclusive partnership with Canadian media companies, we can leverage the most innovative media and advertising technology to design optimized campaigns on the industry’s latest multimedia platforms. Don’t make the mistake of repurposing your old campaigns without the benefit of market customization. Give your marketing budget the full benefit of advice from our experts and direct-from-publisher pricing.

Canadian Media Advertising Representatives in U.S.A

Collaborative: We enjoy working with our clients, and like to think we’re fun to work with too.

Digitally astute: We’re technical experts in all of the latest marketing technologies, with the knowledge to squeeze the most value out of digital environments.

Driven: We take pride in our work — we’re completely committed to helping you achieve your marketing goals. We partner with Canada’s largest and most-trusted media companies to deliver unparalleled performance

U.S. Brands Trust Media-Corps for Their Canadian Advertising

When you plan to buy advertising space in the Canadian media market, let us be your first call. Because at Media-Corps, we know Canadian Media …cold.


We know how to create an emotional connection with Canadian consumers. All you have to do is provide us with your marketing objectives, and we will come back to you with an innovative solution.

OUR APPROACH to ideation


Needs Assessment

We will work with you to quickly understand your unique needs.



After your Needs Assessment, we will get to work targeting your consumer base using our exclusive research resources.


Defining Success

We will create a list of goals and concrete targets for tracking your campaign progress.


Media Channel Exploration

We will investigate the best media channels for your campaign.



With the benefit of partnerships with innovative media companies, and access to the latest media offerings, we will brainstorm and conceive a plan to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Campaign Design & Implementation

Once we get your full buy-in, we will create and execute a campaign that reaches your target consumers at every stage of the purchasing cycle.


Measurement & Reporting

We will use real-time analytics to monitor campaign success.

Our huge network of Canadian media partners – and exclusive access to advanced research technology – allows us to design and execute ad campaigns in Canada better than anybody else.

Consumer Insights

Advertising is all about connecting with consumers. At Media-Corps, we have our own in-house consumer research department to supplement consumer intelligence from our Canadian media partners. With access to resources that are out-of-reach for most, we will help you find the insights that you need, and the insights that you didn’t know you needed

Some of our industry-leading resources:

  • Vividata
  • Comscore and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
  • Nielsen in Canada and U.S.
  • Borealis
  • Personal Passive Metres (PPM)
  • NADbank
  • Airware


We strongly believe that talent is our differentiator. We are completely committed to recruiting and retaining only the most talented and knowledgeable media experts.




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